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Characteristics : 
Are you ready forthe next Revolution?
Vitap is ready and offers you its new POINT K2 TOP that will help you save time, space, money and probably many headaches! 
Small and productive
Within a footprint of only 50ft², this CNC compact work center can produce 100 cabinets per day with only one operator. 
Versatile performance
The POINT K2 TOP can perform drilling on the surface and on all four sides of the panel as well groove, rout and cut square and shaped parts. 
Zero set up time
With the patented D-D-T system, all these operations can be achieved without the need to reset the hold-down systems. Easy handlingNo need to handle large panels, precut parts can be purchased or prepared in advance and kept in storage.
Patented software
Compatible with Vitap’s patented software for bar nesting, the POINT K2 TOP will produce parts ready to be assembled into a finished product. 
For the small to medium manufacturer with a limited budget             
Designed for the small to medium size manufacturers that are looking for custom and flexible production.

Technical Data

  • Three controlled axis
  • X axis – panel movement seamlessly by DDT (Double Dynamic Transport)
  • Y axis – boring head movement
  • Z axis – panel boring
  • Double “0” panel reference : new generation laser to detect the beginning and the end of a piece.  The program can readjust the drilling at the bottom and the piece to have a perfect flush between the vertical and horizontal pieces.  The laser is composed by a transmitter and receiver to avoid any error caused by dark colors of the edge band.
  • Newly patented, high rigidity boring head movement on Y and Z axis.
  • Constant side pusher : side pusher with constant preload for perfect positioning of the panel on the machine zero point.
  • Back exit panel or return to operator in front
  • Tool changer from front door.
  • No limit in panel length
  • High productivity and flexibility.
  • Simple programming
  • Monitor LCD TFT 19” 5/4

A word from the boss 

Ready for woodworking season? (19-09-12)

A few years ago, the return of the woodworker to his shop coincided with back to school time.

This is no longer the case today. Summer is getting longer and we seize the opportunity to complete some outdoor work.

But it is never too early to plan your return to the workshop because, one day or another, nature will send you back in.

And the Boss will be there to provide you with ideas!

Have a great woodworking season!