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Home Categories 50’ Extension Cord 12/3-Blue ProGlo AXE120501BLU

Ideal in cold weather, this heavy duty electric extension cord is the best buy for those looking for safety and durability. It is provided with the continuous ground monitoring system (CGM).

  • Manufactured with three 12 gauge copper wires which ensure electricity flows freely inside the cord
  • High visibility blue color PVC outside jacket rated at 300 volts.
  • Water resistant and flame retardant jacket
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion as well as many chemicals
  • Keeps its flexibility down to -40°C
  • Heavy duty molded on 15A-125V plug & connector that will not pull away fron the cord body
  • Lighted amber power check plug that indicates there is power flowing through the cord
  • Lighted green ground check connector that indicates there is ground continuity in a circuit
  • cUL approved, it can handle 1875 Watts

Will give many years of reliable service!

Tip of the Boss: As the wire length increase, the voltage drop increases. Therefore, the lower the gauge (..,10,12,14,16,..), the bigger the wire and the lower the current losses. As for the price, it will be proportional to the size of the wire and the length of the extension.

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