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Reg.$135 99 Promo $108 95
Carbide saw blade for melamine 10" X 5/8" X 80D
Saw blade for melamine 10" 80T
FS Tool
Reg.$101 99 Promo $84 95
Melamine blade (250mm) 10" 80 teeth
Melamine blade (250mm) 10" 80 teeth

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Take advantage of our team (18-04-01)

The research and development of new products has always been a constant concern at Normand. This has been our trademark for more than 65 years.

Introducing new manufacturing techniques that can help our Canadian manufacturers be more competitive in international markets has always been part of our DNA.

It is only in recent years, with the opening of our stores, that we have begun to apply the same formula to our retail customers so that they can benefit from the experience and expertise developed by our team during all these years.

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