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Because of the high speed tooling used and the type of material machined, operating a CNC nesting and routing center generates a lot of chips and dust. Although most users invest a lot of money in buying a CNC machining center, many of them are rather reluctant to invest in tools that could improve the operator environment. Some well-known dust extraction systems have proven themselves over the last years. However, because of their high cost, the small and medium size shops stayed away.

In order to convince some of them to take the first step towards a better work environment, the Boss has found a more affordable solution: the Tornado® dust & chip extraction nut set.

It was in March 2014 that the first model of Tornado® was introduced to the market. It proved to be a great success among CNC operators due to the amazing results obtained. Unfortunately since then, many "poor copies" were introduced to the market.

There is now a NEW VERSION of the TORNADO®, even more efficient and reliable providing even better performance. It can reduce up to 95% of the waste depending on the performance of your dust collection system.

  • This extraction nut looks a bit like an hole saw frequently used in the construction industry. It has threads and is easy to mount directly on the collet chuck instead of the standard nut. Tool and collet are then closer to the workpiece thus providing a greater extraction ability and less risk of breakage
  • The tool body is in light alloy and has a special surface hardening treatment for longer performance and coating against wear and corrosion for a much better chips' evacuation
  • It has 9 extraction holes that concentrate chips and dust upward and facilitate clamping thanks to the spanner wrench included
  • Suitable for every type of collet chucks (ISO, BT, HSK ...), it uses standard router bits (no adaptors needed)
  • Standard diameter is 92mm(3-5/8"). Also available in 80mm(3-1/8") and 98mm(3-7/8") dia upon request
  • Balanced at G2.5 and weighing 0,265 kg (0.58 lb), it can work at a maximum speed rotation of up to 20 000 RPM
  • The optimal gap between the Tornado® and the material is 2 mm (0.078") but it can work properly up to 10 mm (0.393")

Available in 3 sizes

NOR30408 80mm Extraction Nut for ER32

NOR30411 92mm Extraction Nut for ER32

NOR30412 92mm Extraction Nut for ER40


An affordable way to deal with dust!

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