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How many times have you not tried to solve a problem of maintenance using a hair dryer? Unfortunately, it takes lot of time to reach a certain level of heat and it almost never gets the right temperature. Wagner offers a powerful and versatile heat gun for advanced diyers and professionals. It is the ultimate tool for removing all types of paints and coatings from a wide range of surfaces. It can also be used for heat shrinking and bending plastic, defrosting pipes, removing vinyl floor tiles, soldering, softening adhesives, drying damp or wet surfaces, ageing or drying wood along and even lighting your BBQ charcoal.

  • Made of engineered high-impact corrosion and heat-resistant polymers
  • 2 position control button: #1 for airflow and #2 for heat output
  • Rear LCD digital display allows user to visualize speed and temperature
  • 5 speed fan for optimal control of airflow
  • Very accurate control of temperature with 55 heat settings (20° increments). Temperature ranges from 120F – 1200F (50°C – 650°C)
  • Historic memory of last setting for quick start-up
  • Built-in overload protection prevents overheating and allows for continuous operation
  • Ergonomic soft grip for greater comfort and built-in stand support for hands free operation
  • Lightweight (0.7kg/1.5lb), it operates on 110V and has a long life ceramic element with 1500 watts capacity (5100 BTUs)
  • Supplied in a heavy duty storage case including instruction manual and five accessories: concentrator nozzle, large heat deflector nozzle, hook nozzle, glass protection nozzle and 5 in 1 multi-purpose scraper

No, this is really not a hair dryer !


A word from the boss 

Back to school, in the workshop! (18-09-01)

Summer 2018 was memorable in terms of the heat and good weather. Sometimes, maybe a little too hot to work outside but certainly very nice for leisure activities.

Hoping that you've had time to complete all your outdoor endeavors, it is already time to start thinking about new projects in the workshop.

Some housekeeping, storing, positioning and, perhaps, planning the acquisition of new equipment?

In the coming months, the Boss invites you to follow his weekly specials where you can still find many novelties.

Welcome back!