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We all remember seeing a movie in which a broken air or watering hose becomes out of control and acts like a whip hitting and damaging everything around. The Boss also remembers having witnessed a similar event while having a tire changed at a garage. A faulty fitting had caused an accidental disconnection of the air hose which had resulted in a crazy scene that took everyone by surprise and some time before the situation got resolved.

When a fitting comes out from a pressurised hose or when a pressurised hose breaks, the hose blows compressed air in an uncontrolled way, lifting dust and scattering particles which can be harmful in certain types of industry. But more often than not, this can cause damages and even serious injuries.

In order to prevent these dangerous whiplashes, Topring offers this Hoseguard® safety valve.

  • Safe, it offers a simple and effective protection in the event of an airline breakage
  • Made of aluminium for ¼NPT connection, it is compact, light and easy to install
  • Reliable and tamperproof, it is maintenance free
  • Factory pre-set, it is configured to allow a normal air consumption which does not affect the airline performance
  • Should the air consumption exceed the set value, the air supply is immediately shut off by the internal piston
  • Once the breakage is repaired, a built-in bleed hole leaks a certain amount of airflow which automatically resets the valve

No need to feel the whip!


A word from the boss 

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