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N°4 Smoothing bench plane
N°4 Smoothing bench plane
Reg.$131 99
N°60-1/2 low angle block plane
N°60-1/2 low angle block planeStanley
Reg.$179 99 Promo $154 95
N°92 shoulder/chisel plane
N°92 shoulder/chisel plane Stanley

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Bench Jointer Planes Groz
Bench Jointer Planes

Starting at: Reg.$29 99

Block Planes Groz
Block Planes

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Spare Plane Irons Groz
Spare Plane Irons
Reg.$79 99
Rabbet & Filister Plane Groz DRFP-78
Rabbet & Filister Plane
Groz DRFP-78
Reg.$45 99
Smoothing Plane Groz SP-4
Smoothing Plane
Groz SP-4

Set Descending Direction

8 Item(s)

A word from the boss 

Business is getting tougher! (21-05-01)

Recently, the Boss said he was very satisfied with the sustained recovery of business in the industry as well as in stores and on the Internet. However, he was concerned about some of the supply problems that are becoming more and more common today.

The popularity of working from home and very low interest rates mean that the real estate market is overheating, the construction and renovation industry is moving at high speed and the wood sector is struggling to supply demand as it continues to grow.

In the face of a strong global economic recovery, a large bubble is swelling due to a lack of inventory, long and costly supply delays, production backlogs among manufacturers due to the scarcity of raw materials. The spiral of price increases has started to move and we have already found the big culprit for all this: Covid of course.

For us, the factory dispatch dates for the majority of our import orders are between 6 and 12 months. Therefore, if you had plans for 2021, arm yourself with patience.

Fortunately, vaccination is slowly making its way and we can start dreaming of a return to a semblance of normal life in the summer. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine to speed up the delivery of back orders as well as the maintenance of price stability.

Get vaccinated, it's free and you can enjoy the summer!