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Manufacturer of hand planes as far back as 1870, Stanley® introduced its 5 new Sweetheart™ hand plane series destined to craftsman, professionals and collectors that are passionate for woodworking. Revised and corrected, the Sweetheart™ series offers an attractive design with enhanced features like improved mechanical precision, simple adjustments and top-quality material.

  • The thicker blade is made from longer lasting A2 steel.
  • The plane body is constructed from ductile cast iron that makes it heavier then less sensible to vibrations.
  • The precision-machined base offers a smooth and uniformed surface.
  • The choice of wood and solid brass adds to the aesthetic and solidity.

 Here are other features specific to this model:

  • Iron is made from extra thick 1/8" A2 steel for superior edge retention.
  • One piece base and frog virtually eliminates chatter.
  • Cherry wood handle and knob for comfort.
  • Norris type adjustment mechanism for ease of use.
  • Adjustable throat plate for different types of wood.
  • Solid brass hardware for smooth adjustments.

This plane offers an unquestionable quality/price ratio!

A word from the boss 

Holidays like no other! (20-07-01)

This year, we didn't see the spring pass. Caught in the turmoil of the covid, our attention and concerns have focused on this invisible and devious virus that we continue to tame.

Habits such as washing hands more often, keeping our distance and, occasionally, wearing a mask may be part of our daily lives for a long time to come.

The media point out this and the Boss confirms it, for most of us this summer, the holidays will take place at home. He had noticed a phenomenal increase in traffic on his website during the confinement. He is pleasantly surprised to also note a very marked increase in store visits following the deconfinement. It seems that the holiday budget will partially turn into a DIY budget.

So be careful in your work; be also vigilant on your travels and take advantage of the summer to take holidays like no other...