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Among the large range of small panel & sheet carrying devices designed for handling panels, most require two people (one at both ends) and the others do not inspire confidence in a one-person lift. Gorilla Gripper®  offers a claw made for a shoulder-high lift, thus avoiding bending over or contorting.

  • Unique construction design that allows one person to carry heavy sheet goods from the top
  • 2 powerful aluminum jaws covered with textured rubber prevent material from slippage and damage
  • The plates rotate on the material to make a safe grip and the special design allows to keep a good working posture and to reduce stress on the back
  • It is a simple and brilliant way to grip, lift and carry drywall, plywood, MDF and melamine sheets, sheet metal, rubber mats, doors, counter or table tops, granite panels and other hard to carry items
  • Capacity 3/8" to 1-1/8" (9 to 29 mm)

Less expensive than a visit to a chiro !


A word from the boss 

Ready for woodworking season? (19-09-12)

A few years ago, the return of the woodworker to his shop coincided with back to school time.

This is no longer the case today. Summer is getting longer and we seize the opportunity to complete some outdoor work.

But it is never too early to plan your return to the workshop because, one day or another, nature will send you back in.

And the Boss will be there to provide you with ideas!

Have a great woodworking season!