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Reg.$39 99
Woodworking Chisels (kit-4) Irwin M444S4N
Woodworking Chisels (kit-4)
Irwin M444S4N
Reg.$399 99
5 piece japanese chisel set
5 piece japanese chisel set
Oire Nomi
Reg.$76 99
Woodworking Chisels (kit-6) Irwin M444SB6N
Woodworking Chisels (kit-6)
Irwin M444SB6N
Reg.$137 99
"Sweetheart" Chisel Set (4 pcs) Stanley 16791
"Sweetheart" Chisel Set (4 pcs)
Stanley 16791

Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)

A word from the boss 

Covid-19: That’s it; we start the machine! (20-05-22)

That's it; we can get the ball rolling in Levis as well as in Laval and Cambridge. You can now visit us and we won't make any funny faces if you wear a mask...

In order to ensure a safe environment for all, the Boss expects all customers who visit us to abide by the following guidelines: 

-      Disinfect your hands with the solution offered at the entrance

-      Put on a mask available at the entrance if you don’t have yours

-      Maintain a reasonable distance of 2 meters

-      Come to buy products or pick-up an order

Ideally, keep on contacting us over the phone (toll free number 1.888.881.4442) and by email ( to place an order.

Our courier and road carrier operations are back to normal, but it is always possible to pick up your orders within a reasonable time frame.

The Boss encourages you to keep your guard up and continue taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. No one wants to go back to confinement another time because it would be a disaster... So let's be caring and collaborative.