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RAZORSAW, the internationally renowned Japanese brand, also offers the Fugaku saw series for landscapers and professional arborists.

Sharing the same characteristics that make the reputation of RAZORSAW saws among cabinet making professionals, Fugaku saws are specifically designed for pruning trees and shrubs.

Being a “Pull” type, they cut by pulling. Designed for heavy duty work, their fast cutting action leaves behind a clean sharp cut.

The Fugaku series comes with a nice soft-molded rubber handle that allows a safe and comfortable grip. The blades can be changed and one handle fits all blade models.

The Namaki saw blade measures 300mm (11-¾") long x 0.9mm thick and is equipped with a 2 spacing level cutting edge. The tooth pitch is smaller at the starting cut 9.5t/in (pitch=3.1mm) and larger at the end of cut 7t/in (pitch=3.9mm). 

This saw is mainly intended for pruning and cutting branches, shrubs and small trees. Its progressive differential cutting edge allows a smooth and fast cutting.

It comes in a hard plastic sheath with belt loop. A simple blocking mechanism allows a safe port.

Boss’ tip: for novices who want to replace their handsaw by a real pruning saw, remember this tip: first, start cutting by positioning the blade to the desired place near the handle then complete by pulling in one single cut while exhaling (like for Karate). Beware, these blades do not forgive. Be careful.

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