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Gluing up panels seems simple but getting nice flat panels with tight joints is not a snap. To maximize success, you need three things: adequate wood preparation, right gluing as per the rules and good clamps that will hold the boards firmly without cupping.

Unfortunately, bar and pipe clamps are not foolproof and one must often use its imagination to find the right way to hold boards flat against the bar. It’s with this idea in mind that Damstom has designed and developed this brand new revolutionary panel clamp that can prevent side effects of cupping. 

  • Allows simultaneous squeezing of all four sides of the panel eliminating the need for extra clamps or pressure pads.
  • Consists of two rectangular bars with a threaded handle and a lateral adjustable stop.
  • Made of aluminum and steel, it is powder coated to avoid glue adherence.
  • Maximum length capacity is 38-1/4" (97cm).
  • Thickness capacity ranges from 3/4 " (19mm) up to 4-1/2" (114mm).
  • Lightweight, only 4.2 lbs. (1,7kg)

Created in by Canadian inventors for Canadian woodworkers! 


A word from the boss 

The Boss found winter long... (19-05-14)

The first snow storm hit us on November 10 and the Boss remembers because he had to finish his autumnal outdoor work in the snow. Since then, the snow and cold settled in and lasted until the end of April. Almost 6 months…

Winter has been long for all but, nevertheless, has had a positive effect on the growth of our internet sales. Woodworkers have used this indoor time to properly equip themselves and keep busy. For those who have not yet completed their projects, there is still two months before closing up shop for some well-earned vacation time.

For the others, like the Boss, have your bicycle tuned and get some fresh air.