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There are many ways to hold a workpiece when one needs to use two hands. However, when it comes to flat pieces or panels, this can be a bit more complicated. The Centurion clamping system is a stand-alone solution for those who want to bore, cut out, rout, sand and even edge the contour of a piece.

This vacuum clamping system is functional, innovative and simple to use. Already used in the aluminum, glass, plastic and wood industries, this system can fit in any shops and will not damage delicate surfaces. It can be installed horizontally or vertically and can even be used on the jobsite.

  • This model is a double sided vacuum clamping plate which means that it does not need to be bolted to a workbench or similar flat surface.
  • Made of nylon, it measures 160mm x 160mm x 25mm (6-1/4"x 6-1/4"x 1") and both sides include a 9 cell grid with a 175mm (7") dia sealing cord for optimal holding. Since both sides are similar, one serves to clamp to a flat work surface while the other serves to clamp the workpiece. This makes it easy to quickly move the plate from one place to another
  • This holding device integrates a vacuum generator which does not require any particular energy source except a small air compressor:  minimum 2 CFM at 80 PSI
  • Because it has no moving parts, it requires very little maintenance.
  • The holding force is approximately 800g/cm² (12lbs/in²)
  • Includes 6mm tube(1m/40"), 2 quick fit 1/4" connectors and 3 extra soft rubber sealing cords, 125, 150 and 175mm (5", 6" and 7") dia, allowing to adapt the suction area to the geometry or the irregularities of the workpiece.
  • Total weight is only 0.7KG (1.5LB)

A small plate that can clamp big!


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