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A laminate trimmer is actually a small router that can be used one-handed for laminating but also for any light-duty jobs such as routing out a hinge mortise or grooving for an inlay. Porter-Cable has designed a new ergonomic laminate trimmer that will allow for comfortable single handed control.

Durable and powerful, it is equipped with the latest features required by professionals: 

  • 5.6 Amp variable speed motor running from 16,000 up to 31,000 rpm that will deliver an outstanding performance
  • 6 speed dial settings: starts at 16,000 (1) up to 19,300 (2), 21,400 (3), 23,700 (4), 26,400 (5) and 31,000 (6) rpm
  • Smart locking lever for easy clamping and quick release clips for fast motor removal
  • Micro depth adjustment ring (1/64" - 0,4 mm increment) for more precision
  • Spindle lock button for easy bit changing
  • Thick clear plastic base with recessed center to accept template guides.
  • Incorporated strong DEL light for maximum visibility
  • Weighing only 3.5 lb (1.6 kg), it includes one 1⁄4” (6.4 mm) collet, one 17 mm wrench and one edge guide for use with non-piloted bits

This is the second router that you should have!

A word from the boss 

New decade = many challenges! (20-01-24)

A new year has just started and another decade is beginning full of hopes and challenges. Among these, labour-related issues are likely to be a major challenge for the industry as a whole.

Succession problems have already begun to leave marks to both our suppliers and our customers. Mergers, downsizing and reduced services among suppliers, decreased activity, withdrawal of business and closures to customers.

Normand also has to deal with the same problems. The planned departure of several long-time employees with more than 35 years of experience will leave a void that will not be easy to fill.

All of this will have a significant impact on the quality and quantity of services. Should we continue to offer greater accessibility at the expense of a lower quality of response and service?

Fortunately, the Boss can count on a young and dynamic succession team with remarkable ideals but different from those of the old guard. The stability and continuity of the company remain at the heart of his concerns for the benefit of all his loyal clientele which has supported him for nearly 70 years.