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VITAP, Complete range of edge banding machinery for round or curved panels

In operation since 1954, this Italian manufacturer produces the most complete range of edge banding machines for curved parts and other equipment for panel processing. The key word for Vitap is ”innovation” with the introduction year after year of new models with innovative designs and added features.


The perfect combination machine for all convex and concave curved panels.  Can also be used for straights panels.  Panels can be 10mm to 60mm thick and can apply banding material from 1mm to 3mm thick.  PLC controlled, including 3 measuring methods to assure the length precision of the edging material. 

  1. Encode only 
  2. Encoder and laser 
  3. Encoder only with overlap of the edging material.

The ECLIPSE is composed of precision and heavy components including a heavy duty swing arm to hold heavy panels up to 80Kg when machine is bolted to the floor.

A - Edgebanding station :

  • Glue spreading and tape bonding on large and small curved panels.
  • 1 kg capacity glue pot with 2-800W heating elements with electronic temperature control.
  • Adjustable glue quantity to optimize bonding.
  • Glue temperature control.
  • 2 copy rollers to insure best bonding.
  • Tilting support roller to enable exit of the panel after taping.
  • Automatic guillotine for coiled material up to 3mm x 45mm high.
  • PLC to set length by means of an encoder for open and fully contoured panels.
  • High definition LASER to program the length of tape without measuring the panel.
  • Adjustable feed speed (slow-down) by foot pedal with external feed speed control knob.  Motor is 1/2HP.
  • Automatic feeding can be turned on or off while machine is kept ready for next operation or while trimming on next station.
  • Raiseable table to work on small panels.
  • 7” color touch-screen to control all functions.

B - Trimming station :

  • The unit is made of 2 x 0,75HP, 15 000 RPM.
  •  High frequency motors with top and bottom and front copy discs.
  • It also includes a pneumatic cylinder to lift the trimming motors when panel approaches the cutters to avoid sudden contact.
  • Pneumatic tilting of the unit to allow taping of large panels.
  • External adjustments of the trimming unit front copy disc.
  • 2 brazed carbide cutters R=3, Z=6.
  • On/off switch
  • Raiseable table to work on small panels.

Optional Equipments

  • Rectangular table for large panels
  • Small round table Ø 125 mm
  • Enlarged feeding roller for sharp corners
  • Additional bottom wheel with support for sharp corners
  • Glue hopper with sensor to control glue melting
  • Hot air blower (to soften the tape)
  • 300mm round table




Technical Specifications

Min. radius for 1mm edge thickness 30 mm
Min. radius for 2mm edge thickness 50 mm
Min. radius for 3mm edge thickness 80 mm
Height tape min 18 mm / max 64 mm
Minimum Inside radius  min R – 250 mm
Diameter min 200 mm/ max 2 400 mm
Panel thickness with 1mm edge thickness 10-60 mm
Panel thickness with 2mm edge thickness 10-60 mm
Panel thickness with 3mm edge thickness 10-35 mm
Max. weight of panel (if machine is anchored) 40 kg  (80 kg)
Machine weight 600 kg

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