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"DOUBLE-CUT" Scoring: With this system, the top layer of the panel is scored with a reduced saw blade plunge while returning to the main full cut position. No more hassle with adjusting or aligning the width of the scoring unit.

“REPEAT STOP” for Strips: For horizontal cutting of strips guided by a bearing   guide that follows the top side of the panel allowing repetitive horizontal strip cutting. Adjustable from 0-500 mm.

"MEASURING STOP" : High-strength construction with a micrometric adjustment for vertical sliding cuts on a steel guide shaft 30 mm in diameter.

Stops "HORIZONTAL CUTS" Programming rail with 5 stops for most popular sizes without having to measure each and every time.

"ENTRY & EXIT" Rollers: To facilitate handling of the panels, there are rollers on both bottom left and right side of the frame.

CLIPBOARD: Document holder on the control box to help the operator view the cut lists and orders.

MAX THICKNESS: Maximum thickness of the panels is 55 mm and up to 60 mm if the cut is started out of the panel.

SAW MODULE: 3Kw motor with safty acoustic hood with micro switches to stop the motor when the saw unit is pivoted from the vertical position to a horizontal position and vice versa. Also neutralizes the motor when the cover is opened for inspection or for changing the blade.

EMERGENCY STOP: The motor equipped with an electromagnetic brake and equipment according to the "CE" standards with an oversized emergency stop button.

High precision construction providing precision cuts of ± 0.1mm / M.

* Descriptions may vary without notice. 




Maximum cutting depth 55mm
Maximum cutting lenght 3300mm
Maximum vertical cutting height 1550mm
Maximum horizontal cutting height 1510mm
Motor power 3Kw
Accuracy DIN 875/1 0.1mm
Rotation speed of blade 5100 rpm
Blade 250 x 30 PH 2/7/42 Z48 Concave
Dust collection requirement 600CFM/h




A word from the boss 

Great success at WMS-2017 (17-11-10)

Once again this year, Normand participated in the WMS-2017 national Show, the most important industrial fair intended exclusively for the Canadian secondary wood processing industry.

With more than 3,000 square feet of floor space, Normand was again one of the major exhibitors of this biannual exhibition, which was held from November 2 to 4 at the International Center in Toronto. 

Showcasing nearly half a million dollars of equipment (4 x 53Ft trailers) and well supported by a team of more than 25 people, Normand caught the attention of the 4 400 visitors who showed up and attracted the interest of many buyers.

The atmosphere was at its best and this event was unquestionably one of the most productive that Normand has participated in recent years.

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