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Reg.$1,919 99
15" Professional Band Saw
15" Professional Band Saw Steel City
Reg.$4,289 99
18" Industrial Band Saw
18" Industrial Band Saw Steel City
Reg.$2,149 99 Promo $1,899 95
Scroll Band Saw Pégas® 90-700
Scroll Band Saw
Pégas® 90-700

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3 Item(s)

A word from the boss 

Summer has arrived, the Boss takes a break! (19-06-27)

For most of us, the end of June is associated with the end of classes and the beginning of the summer holidays.

For the Boss, the end of June also matches our fiscal year end and his team has worked hard to offer you a better choice of products at competitive prices.

Again this year, it's thanks to you if our internet sales have reached new heights and we thank you all greatly.

Have a great summer and, like the Boss, seize the opportunity to take your mind off things and relax.

Happy holidays!