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HEPA dust extractor Dewalt DWV010
HEPA dust extractor
Dewalt DWV010
Reg.$109 99 Promo $99 00
18V Blower & Accessories Bosch GBL18V71N
18V Blower & Accessories
Bosch GBL18V71N

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A word from the boss 

Covid-19: an opportunity to stick together! (20-04-01)

The Governments of Quebec and Ontario have decided to take major measures to limit the spread of the virus. With the exception of the construction industry as well as the manufacturing industry, businesses in general will close their doors until April 13, thereby obeying government orders.

Normand does not claim to be an essential service, but we do believe that we offer a valuable service to thousands of users working in the woodworking industry. However, we feel it is our duty to participate in this outpouring of solidarity by closing our stores and offices during the same period.

Since working remotely and E-commerce are allowed and we must maintain an essential service for those who must operate during this period, it will be possible to order either via our website, by email at or by phone at the toll free number 1.888.881.4442.

We have already scheduled specific shipping days with our regular carriers and the time required to process your order should not exceed 48 hours.

We invite you to take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus and to use this exceptionally difficult time to "voluntarily isolate" yourself in your workshop.

The Boss thanks you for continuing to encourage us and hopes that this "break" will bring the expected results.