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A good bench vise is as important as the workbench it is fixed on. This cast-iron vise can be used right out of the box and offers many advantages:

  • Quality: like the “RECORD” woodworking vise in the good old days.
  • Efficiency: a trigger release lever provides quick opening or closing that makes time savings.
  • Accuracy: the moving jaw is canted at the top to compensate for the screw that is located at the bottom. This provides positive clamping when heavier pressure is required.
  • Versatility: an adjustable metal front dog allows larger pieces to be easily clamped when used in conjunction with a bench stop.
  • Safety: the fused tommy bar will bend before the vise become over-stressed.
  • Strength: two 22mm steel slide rods and an asymmetric traction thread main screw ensure rugged and smooth parallel action.
  • Protection: pre-bored holes in the jaw faces will allow protective wooden lining to be mounted to avoid altering parts when clamping.
  • Jaw width is 180mm (7").
  • Jaw opening is 200mm (8").
  • Throat depth is 80mm (3").
  • Weight is 9.5kg (21lbs)

A jaw made to clamp, not to “bite”!


A word from the boss 

Extra time for 2019! (19-01-15)

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Unfortunately, at Normand, we do not sell time. But we continue to invest time and effort in order to increase the breath of products that might help you save your precious time. 

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