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Reg.$53 99 Promo $49 00
1/4" shelf pin jig Kreg KMA3200
1/4" shelf pin jig
Kreg KMA3200
Reg.$53 99 Promo $49 00
5mm Shelf Pin Jig Kreg KMA3220
5mm Shelf Pin Jig
Kreg KMA3220

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A word from the boss 

2021 Finally! (21-01-07)

Let's face it, 2020 is likely to be a year that we will not forget for the wrong reasons and we are all glad it's behind us even though the pandemic is not ready to be settled yet.

In the face of a growing wind of skepticism and mistrust, it will be necessary to redouble our efforts and patience in the hope of returning to a sort of normality by the summer.

Nevertheless, the Boss would like to thank you for the encouragement shown to date. Our internet sales have more than doubled and our industrial clientele has kept us very busy.

From this upsurge in business has arisen some delivery problems associated with long delays of some carriers and high freight costs. Further delivery delays are also to be expected as the supply chain is currently weakened in several places. It's not easy to keep a balance through it all.

Woodworking is a bit like yoga. It helps with concentration and creates an atmosphere of tranquillity. Let’s keep tinkering. Winter will pass faster and, sooner or later, the vaccine will follow.

Let's be optimistic and happy New Year to all!