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Pocket-hole joinery is very popular because it simplifies woodworking without sacrificing quality. Used for decades in the furniture and cabinet industry, this technique was recognized for its speed and reliability but required some special equipment made specifically for production.

Well known for its pocket-hole jig for artisans and cabinet makers, Kreg has also provided the industry with production machines available only through very few specialized distributors. Among the Pro Series, there was the Foreman, a semi-automatic machine designed for small batches. Fast, quiet and reliable, it was considered as a low price solution for the small manufacturer.

In order to offer all the advantages of a true production machine with the compactness and portability of a bench top tool, Kreg redesigned its Foreman to make it more affordable for small users.

You can now build topnotch cabinets and furniture in just 4 simple steps:

  1. Position the fence and stops for workpiece thickness (1⁄2" to 1-1⁄2")
  2. Choose the right screw for soft or hard woods or composite materials
  3. Set the drilling depth by pulling the control arm
  4. Adjust the workpiece clamp for sufficient pressure

Then pull the handle and let the machine do its work piece after piece.

  • Lightweight (20 lb), it has a large cast aluminum table (24" x 14")
  • Powerful (5 Amp), the motor runs on 110 V and is equipped with a quick-change chuck
  • Safe, it has a secure mounting switch lock-out
  • Accurate, 2 retractable workpiece stops are included
  • Dust collection attachment and convenient built-in accessory storage
  • Can create all 3 Kreg Joint sizes: standard, micro-pocket and heavy duty (both optional)
  • Supplied with depth setting block, 3/8" step drill bit and #2 square driver bit 6" long 

The new Foreman: twice the speed at half the price! 



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