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  • Powerful Magnets
    • 12 Neodymium (Rare Earth) Magnets used to attach and aim light hands-free.
  • Get light in tight
    • About the size of a golf ball, It is small enough to fit into tight areas and aim a powerful beam of light where it is needed most. 
  • Lumen Technology LED
    • High output, wide angle, intensely bright
      Light Emitting Diode

The Striker® Magnetic Light Mine uses a Lumen Technology LED and 12 powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnets that allow you to stick it to any steel surface or rest it on any surface as a tripod or quad-pod and aim the light toward the workspace at almost any angle.

A word from the boss 

Extra time for 2019! (19-01-15)

At the beginning of each New Year, the custom is to mutually exchange best wishes for health and happiness with family and friends. We take this opportunity to wish you all not only health but more time in order to be able to realize all the projects that matter most to you.

Unfortunately, at Normand, we do not sell time. But we continue to invest time and effort in order to increase the breath of products that might help you save your precious time. 

Stay tuned and thank you for your patronage!