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Most everyone has already been through the hardships associated with a power outage without forgetting those that often happen when power returns. However small it may be, a power failure can have very serious consequences especially when operating a machine or a power tool.

As a general rule, in the industry, machines are equipped with magnetic starter which prevents the machine from restarting when power returns. It is not the case however for most small shop machines and portable tools operating on 110/220 volts.

For these types of equipment, it is now possible to get an equivalent type of protection thanks to the new device “Sensing-Saf-Start ®”.

  • This device automatically trips during a power failure and needs to be manually resettled to re-establish the current.
  • Inexpensive solution compared to the cost of installation of a magnetic starter.
  • Easy to install, it meets the major safety standards in force in America.

Several possibilities of applications depending on the needs and risks. Three models available:

JDS1996         The most popular model and the most universal

  • Maximum 15amp – 110v
  • 12" extension cord with female plug to the equipment
  • 14" extension cord with male plug to the power source

JDS1998         For bigger tools or small machines using more amperage

  • Maximum 18amp – 110v
  • 20" extension cord without plug to the equipment
  • 72" extension cord without plug to the power source


JDS1999         Ideal for small machines

  • Maximum 15amp - 220v-1ph
  • 20" extension cord without plug to the equipment
  • 72" extension cord without plug to the power source

No more tools will restart in the middle of the night!




A word from the boss 

New decade = many challenges! (20-01-24)

A new year has just started and another decade is beginning full of hopes and challenges. Among these, labour-related issues are likely to be a major challenge for the industry as a whole.

Succession problems have already begun to leave marks to both our suppliers and our customers. Mergers, downsizing and reduced services among suppliers, decreased activity, withdrawal of business and closures to customers.

Normand also has to deal with the same problems. The planned departure of several long-time employees with more than 35 years of experience will leave a void that will not be easy to fill.

All of this will have a significant impact on the quality and quantity of services. Should we continue to offer greater accessibility at the expense of a lower quality of response and service?

Fortunately, the Boss can count on a young and dynamic succession team with remarkable ideals but different from those of the old guard. The stability and continuity of the company remain at the heart of his concerns for the benefit of all his loyal clientele which has supported him for nearly 70 years.