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Tools and accessories for CNC machining centers

We offer a wide range of tools and accessories for CNC machining centers. Whether for chucks, collets, nuts or other accessories, we are able to offer high quality tools, well balanced and superior precision.

Made of spring steel, our collets are machined both inside and outside with a tolerance of 0.01mm (0.0004"). The precision obtained ensures a longer life of the tools and the electro spindles.

We keep a large inventory of imperial sizes in ER32 and ER40 models (metric measures upon request)

NOR30205       1/4" Spring collet for ER32

NOR30210       3/8" Spring collet for ER32

NOR30215       1/2" Spring collet for ER32

NOR30220       5/8" Spring collet for ER32

NOR30225       3/4" Spring collet for ER32


NOR30255       1/4" Spring collet for ER40

NOR30260       3/8" Spring collet for ER40

NOR30265       1/2" Spring collet for ER40

NOR30270       5/8" Spring collet for ER40

NOR30275       3/4" Spring collet for ER40

*The spring collets are sold separately.

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