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When working a project, it is difficult to get a certain quality without having to sand. As hand sanding is often considered boring, dusty and time consuming, it remains the least popular activity by most cabinetmakers.

One can find on the market sandpaper for about any kind of use such as belts, discs, sheets, rolls or sponges. But the goal remains the same: the faster the job is done, the better.

This sanding block kit will not only bring color to your job but will also make your work easier.

  • Includes 6 hand sanding blocks (5” long) of three different densitie.s
  • Soft and rounded edges that fit almost any shape.
  • Designed to use with adhesive-backed sandpaper (2-3⁄4” x 5”).
  • Lightweight, flexible and comfortable, they make sanding easy.
  • Durable and resistant to most solvents.
  • A sure way to improve quality of the finished work, either for curves, contours or corners.
This kit will help you to keep in “shape”! 

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