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Aerosol Table and Tool Surface Lubricant Bostik GlideCote reduces sliding friction on all metal, laminate, and plastic surfaces.

It Protects all tools and equipment from rust. It easier and quicker to apply than paste wax and lasts 3 times longer.

This lubricant will no stain wood or interfere with finishes because it contains no silicone or petroleum oil.

This product is ideal for table saws, jointers, drill presses, planers, edgers, lathes and all hand tools. 

A word from the boss 

Something new to celebrate the end! (21-07-01)

If the trend continues, we should see the end of restrictions related to this pandemic soon. Let's say that both customers and employees will be happy to put the mask aside as soon as the vaccination campaign has reached the desired objectives by public health officials.

The woodworking sector continues to be very busy due to sustained demand and delays due to supply delays. The pressure on rising prices continues and everyone is wondering whether it will be temporary or permanent.

As the Boss pointed out in his previous posts, not everything has been bad in the last 16 months. Many changes in shopping habits as well as the popularity of online business incited us to work on redesigning and improving our transactional site.

We are currently in the process of fine-tuning the whole thing and should be able to make it accessible as early as September. Until then, have a nice summer and...

Let's go for the second dose if we want to move on!