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Machining wood at high speed generates resin build up that may affect the precision of your tooling.

Put all the chances on your side by doing a good maintenance of your CNC spindle. Tool holder, collet chuck and spring collet must be kept clean and spotless to maximise their life span.

Be very careful with your tooling. A wrong positioning may cause bad finishing results or even tool breakage. To ensure proper clamping, the tool shank should fill at least 80% of the depth of the collet.

Under normal use, collet life span is estimated at 3 months (8hrs/day). However, if you break a router bit, spring collet must be changed right away to avoid risk of altering the collet chuck and the tool holder.

It is designed to clean the inside taper of a HSK 63F tool holder before installing a collet chuck. This avoids wrong positioning and ensures best contact when installing collet chuck. Use it with the stain & remover kit for maximum results.

A word from the boss 

Something new to celebrate the end! (21-07-01)

If the trend continues, we should see the end of restrictions related to this pandemic soon. Let's say that both customers and employees will be happy to put the mask aside as soon as the vaccination campaign has reached the desired objectives by public health officials.

The woodworking sector continues to be very busy due to sustained demand and delays due to supply delays. The pressure on rising prices continues and everyone is wondering whether it will be temporary or permanent.

As the Boss pointed out in his previous posts, not everything has been bad in the last 16 months. Many changes in shopping habits as well as the popularity of online business incited us to work on redesigning and improving our transactional site.

We are currently in the process of fine-tuning the whole thing and should be able to make it accessible as early as September. Until then, have a nice summer and...

Let's go for the second dose if we want to move on!